Cornell Note Template | Grid Paper for Productive Note Taking


Cornell Notes is a note-taking system that involves dividing notes into two sections: a narrow column on the left side for cues or main ideas and a wider space on the right side for note-taking. It is designed to promote active listening, critical thinking, and effective studying.

Cornell Notes will help you:

  • Organise information and identify key points in a lecture or reading.
  • It provides a structured format for note-taking that is easy to follow and review.
  • It encourages active listening and engagement with the material, which can lead to deeper understanding and retention.
  • It promotes critical thinking and analysis by requiring you to summarise, question, and reflect on the material.
  • It can be used as a study aid by allowing you to review key points quickly and easily.
  • Overall, Cornell Notes is a highly effective note-taking system that can improve learning and studying habits.

Use this template in THREE unique ways:

  1. 📩 Download onto a tablet or laptop and use an app like Notability or Evernote to digitally write straight onto the template
  2. 🖨 Print 1 copy of the note page and use it during your lectures or study sessions as required.
  3. 📝 Send the template to binders to be printed as a mini-booklet & use directly

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A printable Cornell Notes page, to be used for productive note-taking and revision

4 grid styles (dots, square, blank, lined)
A4 or US Letter size options
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Cornell Note Template | Grid Paper for Productive Note Taking

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